It wasn’t that long ago when I thought luggage was pretty much the same, no matter what brand you bought. That’s actually why I decided to start looking for more information on the best luggages to buy.

The key to finding the right luggage is figuring out what you find convenient and what would be majorly annoying for you. I don’t need a 10-case set with solid gold zippers. I need a few pieces or a small set that will keep two people pretty happy and organized. I don’t need fancy, but bright colors would be nice so I can easily find it on the conveyor belt should I need to (shudder!) check a bag. I need wheels that roll so I don’t have to carry things (barely) above the ground, and everything else is kind of extra.

So you have to figure out what you’re looking for and what is necessary to make you happy, and then go from there. The information here should make that a bit easier, and it will help you sort through the hype of certain bags that might not be worth it. It may also point you in the direction of an inexpensive piece of luggage that will do everything you need without being all too fancy. That’s what my website is all about, and I hope you enjoy what you find here.