Away Carry-On Review

Nowadays, most of us are looking for high quality luggage, capable of fulfilling all our needs. Considering the technological progress, our expectations towards a suitcase are higher. We often expect more from it, than just carrying our belongings. Thankfully, the new Away luggage is able to provide that for us and to ensure a wide variety of features, combined with a nice design. In the following article, we will tell you more about it and we will provide a full review, of the Away – The Carry-On suitcase.


The Carry-On suitcase is manufactured by Away, a very popular brand in the luggage industry. They are known for producing high-quality suitcases and selling them at a cheap price. The ‘direct-to-consumer’ practice, removes the middle-man and because of that, they manage to sell their products for a better price than the competition. However, this is one of the few cases where a cheaper price, doesn’t necessarily mean a lower quality. You will notice that, as soon as you lay hands on an Away product. The used materials are extremely qualitative, and you won’t find something like that, anywhere else.

Main Features

The Carry-On luggage comes with an extremely useful Four-Wheel Spinner, with very resistant and flexible wheels. Even though it seems big, the suitcase can be maneuvered very easy, thanks to its smooth wheels.

The dimensions of the Carry-On might seem intimidating for most of the people. Coming with a standard 21.7 x 13.7 x 9 inches, the bag might be too big for some customers. But its weight is way lower. Made from German Polycarbonate, the Carry-On weights around 7.2 lbs. That’s extremely light for its impressive dimensions.

This bag comes with a very interesting feature, that makes from The Carry-On, a very useful gadget. Besides the carrying feature, the suitcase also comes with a removable battery. This item functions as a power bank, being able to store enough electricity, to fulfill your needs. This battery is ideal for long journeys, in which you need to charge your phone or laptop.

If you’re afraid that you don’t have a socket to connect your phone, you shouldn’t be. The battery comes with 2 USB ports, which are located conveniently, underneath the handle. This way, you will be able to access it very fast, and to connect your phone, in a matter of seconds.

Because the power bank must be charged as well, the Carry-On comes with a wall adapter and a charging cable. They are all included in the price (even the adapter) and it can be connected to any kind of sockets. The charging process should take a few hours, but you can just take care of this, one night before the departure.

With the new Away – The Carry-On, you shouldn’t worry about security. The Polycarbonate is almost impossible to break and the combination lock, approved by the TSA, will keep away even the most experienced thieves. For an increased security, make sure that you put all the valuable belongings inside the luggage, and not in the side pockets. Also, the combination number shouldn’t be an usual one like ‘1234’, but something more complex.

The side pockets are also a feature that worth mentioned. Their interiors are made from a strong mesh, able to support even heavier items. The zippers are also very reliable, and they make a specific noise when opened. This way, you will notice if someone tries to steal something, when the bag is in your proximity. Still, you should avoid putting any valuable items in there.

Because Away cares about both the functionality and design, the new Carry-On can be purchased in a wide selection of colors. You can opt between Blue, Green, Black, Sand, Medina, Hamman or Argania. All the colors look extremely nice, and it’s only a matter of preferences, which one you choose.

The most interesting feature of The Carry-On is the price. Normally, a premium luggage like this, would cost you around $400. But this isn’t the case. Because of their smart strategy, this suitcase can be bought for just $225. That’s twice cheaper than a similar product, coming from the competition.

Customer Reviews

Because you wouldn’t want to buy a product that wasn’t tested, we decided to provide you some random customer reviews. Remember that all of them are completely authentic, coming from people who actually own a Carry-On bag.

The most relevant review came from a person, who purchased two Carry-On bags. This customer was especially excited by the side pockets, their quality and the resistant mesh. According to him, the size of two bags, is just enough to carry clothes for a three week trip.

There is a person who encountered a problem with this bag. Apparently, the bag was locked and there was no way for her to find the right combination, in order to open it. This seemed like a communication error and the problem can be fixed, by using a TSA key.

Another customer, who’s traveling a lot, was thrilled about the maneuverability of this bag. According to him, the bag can be transported very easy, and thanks to the handler, it can be lifted without a problem. The wheels are big enough to get through some minor obstacles like elevator edges or doorsteps.

As you can see, the majority of reviews were positive, with a few exceptions. The unsatisfied customers were unhappy that the luggage was locked, and they didn’t have a combination key, for opening it. But the manufacturer can provide a TSA key, for anybody with this problem. In our opinion, this isn’t a very big problem and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the quality of the product, we can recommend it without hesitation.


Away – The Carry-On is one of the most reliable and nice-looking luggage, available on the market. It’s manufactured by people who know how to make a proper bag, and that is displayed by their product’s quality. The multitude of satisfied customers are the perfect proof that we’re dealing with a great product, which worth its price. If you need a new luggage, then this is the best choice for you.

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