Raden A22 Carry-On Review

The Raden A22 is a small and incredibly sleek carry-on luggage. Unlike other conventional polycarbonate suitcases, it does not come with any pocket or some external compartment. This carry-on is extremely out of the box regarding design and look. What I liked most about this was the USB ports at the back, right behind the telescoping handle, which makes it look cooler and sleeker. One of the best parts of using this luggage bag is the fact that it comes connected with a solid 7,800 mAh battery. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to get your gadgets charged at the airport gates. This battery is also further tweaked with a processor and a Bluetooth module. This module comes with your bag, and you can always use it to connect to any iOS app. So if you’re someone like me who travels a lot and are looking for a sleek and compact luggage bag, here’s all that you need to know about Raden – Carry-On.

Compact and lightweight

One of the best things that I love about this bag is the fact that it is both compact and incredibly lightweight. At only 8.4 pounds (while empty), Raden A22 is an unexpectedly light product, but simply as weighty, as it would resist tipping over, every time you get it rolled along the four wheels. What I loved more was the smart and glossy black shade in which the bag comes. You can also make your pick from brighter shades if you are more conscious about the style. The finish looks great and lasts longer than you expect.

Comes with an in-built scale

This bag also comes with an in-built scale that will automatically send the weight of the case, to the app. I’ve been using this bag for some time, and till now it has turned out to be relatively accurate, especially compared to any other conventional handheld luggage bag. Most airlines are strict about the weight of your carry-ons, so this is pretty handy for people who travel a lot. This bag is for everyone who feels paranoid about the weight of their luggage bag. The information updated by the bag is accurate and quick thereby truly helping you in this matter. The best part, however, is the fact that the app that comes with this carry on provides additional advice about the policies of the different airlines. Traveling becomes way simpler when you’re using this bag.

Helps you to locate your bag easily

The Raden app that comes with this bag is also particularly handy in locating your bag when you happen to lose it or cannot find it. The bags do not come back by GPS, which means you will be able to find your missing luggage only when another owner of a Raden bag comes in a clear range of the low-energy Bluetooth signal of your missing bag. The processor of the other bag would locate your bag and send the location along with the time to a specific server, which would then reach you. Although this is a good feature, not being GPS enabled makes the functionality, slightly limited. The overall technology, however, is quite decent and works well.

Highly spacious

Another thing that I love about this bag is the fact that it is incredibly spacious. I was surprised by the number of things that I could simply squeeze within my Raden A22 bag. Although I was skeptical about the 35L/2136 cubic meters, in the beginning, the bag managed to prove me wrong when I could stuff things for more than four days of my trip. Although a part of this luggage bag comes with the battery pack and the telescopic handle, yet I could manage ample space for my thicker pants and heavy layers.

Smooth sailing

I have absolutely no qualms about the sailing of the bag. Aided by the sleek and incredibly useful four-wheeled spinner design, I could carry this bag smoothly across the airport. I have also tried it on asphalt and linoleum floors, and it works equally well there. The built is excellent, and the bag is truly utilitarian even for the ones who travel more frequently, with a lot of stuff.

Features and specifications

The bag is made of polycarbonate but comes with a sleeker finish compared to conventional polycarbonate bags.

A perfect blend of durability and style, this compact carry one comes with four silent spinner wheels.

Equipped with an integrated TSA lock and a flush waterproof zipper.

Comes with a 7800 mAh in-built portable power bank.

USB ports in the power bank make it easier for you to get your devices charged in the airport.

The weight sensing handle will give you the accurate weight of the bag, the very first time you lift it.

Comes integrated with the Raden app, which makes it easier for you to track your bag with the help of the low energy Bluetooth system.

Customer reviews and scores

The Raden A22 bag is listed on Amazon, and most customers are satisfied with the product. The reviews are mostly mixed, and after 20 Amazon reviews, the overall rating of the bag is 3.2 on 5.

Although most of the reviews are positive, there was one review that criticized the structure and functionality of this bag. According to this user “The Raden wheels feel like a shopping cart and it tracks where ever it wants to go. The handle feels VERY rickety and wobbly.”

However, this was just one review, and most of the customers haven’t resonated or subscribed to this statement. According to other users, “Love my new Raden 22″ carry-on suitcase! It rolls so fluidly through the airport and aisles it’s like it’s under its power.”

Considering a large number of good reviews as the last ones, I would recommend Raden A22 bag for all frequent travelers.

Final verdict

The Raden A22 bag is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is useful, compact, light and incredibly easy to carry around. So if you are a frequent traveler and are looking for a solid and useful bag- this is one product that will never disappoint you.

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