Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Review

If you adore the style and trendy items, you will find Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 amazing. There comes a time when you need a change in what you travel around with. This brand is spectacular and unique in a number of ways. If you do not like it then I really do not know what else you will like. Buy this one and you will be thankful for putting your money in it.

Elegant, sturdy design

Design is everything. Everyone, especially ladies, wants to walk around with something that looks great. Samsonite will give you that. You will walk with your head high as you make your way through the streets. To start with, the craftily shaped sharp corners look sleek. You will not help but marvel at the design.

The color of the suitcase is dazzling. Take for instance red. It is breathtaking. No words can describe it. You need to buy it to know how it feels to travel with it. There is a variety of colors to choose. If you do not like the outspoken’ colors such as red, black will definitely, be great for you.

The polycarbonate used in making the suitcase is responsible for its sturdy nature. Here is the thing about products made with polycarbonate. They are designed to stand impacts such as drops or falls. They have a transparent kind of look that makes them even more elegant. They are also heat resistant so do not worry about having your Samsonite in the luggage compartment. Samsonite is 100 % polycarbonate. It is, therefore, a high-quality product.

The brand has some type of defense mechanism’. Here is how. When force is applied on it, it flexes and gets back to its initial shape the moment the force is withdrawn. This means your belongings are safe. Besides, it does not get easily damaged ensuring durability.

Scratches are not that visible. The pattern ingrained on Samsonite is sure of this. This ensures it stays stylish. Unless someone looks at it close, it is difficult noting the scratch. Thus, do not worry about lines crossing all over the suitcase overtimes.

The Interior

There are several factors to like about the design of the interior of the Samsonite suitcase. It comes with straps to keep things in place. This helps in case something causes the suitcase to turn upside down. There is a hidden place in the interior for you to stack your vitals just to be safe. With this, you should like the product already.

There are several parts with zips. You have 10 of them. These should be enough for whatever it is you want the zipped parts to hold for you as you move around.

The interior also has a divider that helps you organize your space. This ensures you save up space and pack as much as you should. You do not want to travel with two bags when one Samsonite suitcase can do the work. It is easy opening and closing the divider as it utilizes a zip.

You can always adjust the size for more clothes and other items. It means it expands to some extent. You are good to go.

TSA Lock

It is on the side. The combination of characters on the lock is perfect. The lock is TSA approved meaning everything you place in the suitcase is safe as long as you key in your secret lock combination. Why buy a bag whose combination is unapproved and whose combo is easy to crack? You deserve better than that. That is why Samsonite exists. Save yourself the trouble and buy it.

User Friendliness

The rubberized handle takes care of your hands. There will be no cases of blisters. This ensures you are comfortable when moving around. The rubber ensures a good grip that prevents the handle from slipping through your hands.

The other parts that hold the keep the handle in place are well fit into the suitcase to keep them away from harsh weather conditions, and scuffs or scratches. This retains the glare, which maintains the elegance.

The handle is strong and moves in and out smoothly offering more comfort. You need little effort pushing it.

Features and Specifications

There are other several things to like about this Samsonite model.

· 20*13.5*9.5inches so big enough for trips

· Up to TSA standards

· Suitable for several overhead compartments

· Consistent back and front design

· High-quality sliding mechanism for easier movement

· The wheels spin in whatever direction for easier maneuverability on different surfaces

· Long lasting design thus saving some cash

· Approximately 8pounds

· A product of Samsonite Corporation

You can always get extra details about the product at

Customer reviews and rating

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 is definitely a product worth purchasing. It has an interesting, durable, safe design that assures users of high standard performance. Both the exterior and interior are made to meet diverse user needs. With it, traveling is more exciting and more comfortable than ever.

However, people have different opinions about it. The good news is that it has a rating of more than 4 stars, so it is a marvelous brand. Most of the people who have used it are satisfied with its performance.

One of the satisfied users says, “Great construction, sharp look, holds up after 60flight.” Another adds, “I’ve gone on several trips with this one and I like it…” Few people have concerns about it. One says, “It is not expandable.” However, the truth is a big number of users love the suitcase. Its shortcomings are really from specific users, and not everyone. When you say something is not expandable, it could be that you have more luggage than Samsonite can accommodate.


Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 is a suitcase that stands dents due to its flexing nature. It is durable and keeps safe your items. It is light for that quick impromptu trip. It can stand the pressure of other bags being placed on it, thus a worthwhile one. The one or two complaints should not bar you from a product that could make your travel adventures different. Go for it. You will love it at the end of the day.

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